RC Metro Lipa Spouses

The Wind Beneath Our Wings

In RI District 3820, there are clubs formed by the husbands, who kept their wives active in Rotary activities, which eventually led the wives to form their own Rotary Clubs. In effect, the husband and the wife may be gearing up for a Rotary activity on a Saturday morning but the husband is heading North and the wife is heading South. This may be cool because the Rotarian couple was able to serve more beneficiaries by going to two separate places on two separate Rotary Club activities. But that is not the case in our club.

Rotary Club of Metro Lipa Spouses play a very important role in the club’s operations. Our wives are always behind us in every Rotary activity that we do. They are not Rotarians but they complement our projects by thinking of other community service projects that would enhance what we are already doing. In a way, they adhere to what Paul Harris envisioned in the early years of Rotary, and that is to promote fellowship. Initiating fellowship activities is the turf of the RCML Spouses. They are there to celebrate a member’s birthday, anniversary or any special occasion involving a member of the RCML family.

You would find the RCML Spouses not only during our social events, but also in far-flung villages giving away gifts to families during Christmas, distributing food in an orphanage, sorting grocery items for victims of calamities, cooking and feeding the school children, or simply preparing snacks for their Rotarian husbands after arriving from a tiring but satisfying Rotary project.

A special section featuring the RCML Spouses’ activities will be posted here soon.

The RCML Spouses – Truly the wind beneath our wings.

by: PP Arnold Capuloy